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Many players enjoy turbo game in poker tournaments that is called Sit-n-Go. That kind of gamblers playing in standard tournaments often want to multiply their hands making the initial buy-in for several times in a short period of time.



The newbies will consider those players as dumb people making non-deliberated moves. But the fact is that the stereotypical nature of the turbo tournaments has very little in common with the standard game on the cache. Following a few basic rules for playing in turbo sit-and-go you will certainly break the main Texas Holdem rules. But take into account that those rules are ideal for players who are familiar with the basics of the game. So, here are the main poker tournaments rules applied to the turbo sit-n-go game mode.
1. Forget about the tactics “the most important is to stay in the game” – take the chips. Many consider it’s important to stay in the game. However, the fact is that poker is a one long session that means losing much money in case of bad hands. Your goal is to beat everyone separately. Any tactics to help you to come as close to your goal as it’s possible will bring you the most money at a distance. Let the other players to worry about how to survive.

2. Push or Fold. After the third level of blinds, many are to choose whether to push or fold. But think twice whether you need to do it, may be it’s more comfortable to re-raise.

3. Learn your numbers! Playing in turbo tournaments you will permanently face the same situations. The nature of the turbo is that players are constantly faced the pre-flop all-in on their hands that has approximately the same value. It’s important to know your chances in all the major competition situations. That’s why keep in mind all the cards played.

4. Think about a distance! The key to success in turbo tournaments is the knowledge that one can not rely on anything. The least likely combination will certainly appear within the long period of the game. If you can not even take a decision, just open your table income, and try to remember that the distance is really important. Try to concentrate on the game maximally, always try to focus on the thing that can be controlled not on the one that can’t be.