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We are a website-guide dedicated to poker online. We offer various online poker strategies, present important poker rules and information on how to win at poker. This article will be dedicated to the poker all in rules but first read the poker gambling sites comparison below.

But the favorite mistake of many gamblers is going all in poker tendency. Here appears a question: when you make your bet, adding to the pot do you really offer your opponent some pot odds. The worse those chances are the more correct for him is to fold. And this is the disadvantage of the too big bet.

The problem is the following. The rashly forgotten big bet disadvantage is that you’re risking your big bet to win the money, which is now in the pot. In case of a limited game this question is obviously no longer discussed. If you are fairly sure that you have a strong hand, you’re happy to risk $ 20 to win the $150. And even in the game with a limited the bank it will not take too long from you to think before you risk $150 to win $150 more. But imagine that you bet $150 a game with a pot of $20. It’s obvious that your opponent gets miserable chances to call. Anyone who collects the combination can not be satisfied with this situation. Consequently, the most likely outcome is if you win $20.


In addition, some players are so predictable in its commitment to such tactics, that they often come to a trap themselves.
What he should do? Just have some patience, it’s better to play several hands and keep winning or losing a small amount of money than betting all you have to stay nervous until you know whether you’re a loser or a lucky big pot winner.

All in can’t be avoided, it’s quite understandable and sometimes playing aggressively you not only win much but make your opponents act the wrong way. But take into account that everybody comes to the poker room (it doesn’t matter if it’s online or a real one) to win. And everybody will do his best to disorientate you make you act wrongly. That’s why always think twice before making an all-in bet as this bet can make you a bankrupt and moreover, it can put you in a low poker so that you will not even have some money to make the last bet to get back the money you’ve lost.

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