No Limit tournaments in poker – what’s the point?

No limit tournaments in poker online gambling have always been popular. This website will tell you about a variety of poker tournaments just have a look at the poker gambling sites comparison below and start training your skills applying the information on the poker online gambling tournaments provided in this article.

The popularity of poker gambling online tournaments keeps growing day after day. Speaking about them one can’t but mention the championships such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT), European Poker Tour (EPT) and others. But in fact, no limit Texas Hold’em tournaments are very rare cases. No Limit Hold’em tournaments are extremely controversial, much more than no-limit cash games. This happens because of the fact that all the money is laid out before the flop, despite the odds.

But this statement doesn’t mean you should not play no limit tournaments – nevertheless, you should take into account that not only skills is important there but luck. For example you’re bluffing with thousands of chips in the pot and consider your chances to win as 50-60%. Many of you will decide that it is worth the risk. However, 1000 chips which you are going to win is less valuable than the 1000 ones you can lose. For 1000 chips are not a thousand dollars.

Well, the previous statement does not mean that you need to accept or refuse to fight. Toward the end of the tournament you need to start winning pots to win the entire tournament. Thus, in the beginning of the tournament you have to try not to be too carried away. Indeed, in general, the gain does not justify the risk at this point. So your early stage task is to win a huge pot with “candies”.


Approaching the middle of the tournament, change the gambling mode. As the blinds increase, they are something that will allow you to survive. At this point the so called Gap concept becomes very important. In order to increase the bid to steal the blinds one needs a much weaker hand than usual, and conversely, a much stronger hand than usual, required in order to call the raise.

In the final stage – in the coming to the end period all the decisions become very important. It often happens that the blinds are so large that a player with a small bet makes sense to go all-in before the flop. Usually, going all-in it’s nice to have an ace with a good kicker or a closed pair. If you have an ace with a kicker, you have the advantage against all the non-hole hands. If you have a closed pair you have a slight advantage over all the non-hole cards.

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