The I Revolution?

So, you just got an iphone. It has many applications but now you are looking to make money out of it. There is a way you can make money from your fun and enjoy doing it. This way is called iphone Bingo. There are many mobile casino and bingo applications that we can talk about but let us just talk about one of the most popular so that you can get every little detail about it.  Let us talk about miraBingo.

This is an application that is committed to building loyalty for their mobile bingo players. They have brand new 80 and 90 ball bingo rooms. Furthermore, they have jackpots, prizes and loads of chat games at all times. The thing about Mira Bingo is that it does not only offer iPhone Bingo. As a matter of fact, there are over twenty five different iPhone casino games which you can play on your iPhone with a no deposit mobile casino bonus. Such games include slot games, instant games and scratch cards. All these games actually look beautiful on the iPhone because of the graphics available.

MiraBingo uses some kind of patented software that guarantees connection of the GPRS to their servers is maintained while providing consistent smooth game play. This is quite a revolution, right? Apart from that, this application comes with a new technological advancement that assists players to enjoy the most happening games and fast payouts system on mobile gadgets or if you like, devices. What does this mean? This means that you get optimum experience on iPhone; no spyware, a trusted application, ease of navigation that is customized for small screens, the best use of your retina display for iPhones (high resolution) and efficient processing speed on your iPhone.


Why would I talk about this application if it has no bonus? As soon as get this application, you get a welcome bonus of 20 pounds. In addition you get 300% bonus on the first three deposits and you can even get up to 400% bonus on all reloads which can be used on playing mobile slots games. You have an option of choosing what type of deposit bonus is best for you; Cash or BBs.

When it comes to MiraBingo, your privacy is regarded importantly. Here, they take personal information so that they can effectively provide you with services that you request. All monetary information is secure using exquisite secure connections. This is so because they MiraBingo use leading e-commerce payment companies. You personal information is protected from unauthorized use, access or disclosure by use of a variety of security technologies

MiraBingo helps you choose from an array of depositing methods. The mobile WAP platform comes with the highest security features. All player profiles and banking information are passed through their secured servers. This means that banking is very safe. miraBingo accepts direct bank transfer and most major credit or debit cards. Though it is a UK company, many currencies are recognized though some fees and limits may apply.

miraBingo have a good online presence which means they have a good reputation. You can download their games and test them for free without playing for real cash. This application is audited, licensed and clearly, player confidentiality is of utmost importance.

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